Ancient Coin Collecting V: The Romaion-Byzantine Culture (Ancient Coin Collection)

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An excellent source of metrology and denomination data for a wide array of countries. Teeple, John B. Timelines of World History. A general history book with graphical presentation of time scales and events that makes it easy to find context for people and events in history. Berlin, Howard M.

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Irvine, California: Zyrus Press, Inc. Clain-Stefanelli, Elvira. New York: Riverwood Publishers Ltd. Guth, Ron. Janson, H. History of Art. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. A lavishly illustrated textbook on the history of art and a joy to read. One of the very best works on the subject. Oliver, Stefan; Croton, Guy. Heraldry - Understanding Signs and Symbols. London: Quantum Publishing, Rochette, Edward C. The Other Side of the Coin. Frederick, Colorado: Renaissance House, Slater, Stephen. The Complete Book of Heraldry. London: Anness Publishing Ltd, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Caley, Earle.

Metrological Tables. Scientific Unit Conversion. London: Springer, Lawrence, L. Tye, Robert. York: Robert Tye, This is the definitive work on the history and development of monetary weight standards. It discusses the evolution of coinage and weight standards throughout the world and convincingly argues that rather than being random and haphazard, many monetary weight standards share common origins.

While seignorage, cheating, debasement, revaluation, and rival states all play a role in the wonderful confusion of human events, a few core threads of monetary weight standards wend their way through that history. An insightful and well presented book. Archibald, M. Metallurgy in Numismatics: Volume 3. London: Royal Numismatic Society, Beringer, C. London: Charles Griffin and Company, Burkett, Russell. Glendora, California, International Correspondence Schools. Scranton, Pennsylvania: International Textbook Company, McDonald, Donald; Hunt, Leslie.

A History of Platinum and its Allied Metals. London: Johnson Matthey, Smith, Ernest.

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London: The British Museum, Ansell, George Frederick. London: Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange, Cooper, Denis. The Art and Craft of Coinmaking. This is the definitive work on the history of coin making tools and methods. Cooper describes in detail every facet of the coin making operation and how it evolved over the last years. A rare and highly sought book well worth its high price. Coins and Minting. Haverford: Shire Publications Ltd. Doty, Richard G. The Soho Mint and the Industrialization of Money. London: Spink, History of the United States Mint and Coinage.

New York: Sanford J. Durst Numismatic Publications, Lange, David W. History of the United States Mint and its Coinage. Lindermann, H.

Money and legal tender in the United States. Originally published New York: G. National Executive Silver Committee. Originally published Washington, D. Stewart, Frank H. History of the First United States Mint. Lawrence, Massachusetts: Quarterman Publications, Inc. Taxay, Don. The U. Mint and Coinage. Van Ryzin, Robert R. Crime of The Comstock Connection. Iola, WI: Krause Publications, Wiles, James, Ph. Springs, Colorado: American Numismatic Association, Griffiths, William H. Hewitt, Virginia. London: British Museum Press, Kranister, Willibald. The Moneymakers International.

Chicago: Probus Publishing Company, Numismatic Fundamentals. Definitions, Classifications, and Notation. New York: Macmillan Publishing Co. Frey, Albert. Dictionary of Numismatic Names. Primitive Money circa BCE to present. Carradine, Ian; Price, Martin. Coinage in the Greek World. London: Seaby, Head, Barclay. Oxford: Clarendon Press, As this is now in public domain it is available in electronic form online or traditional printed book.

This masterwork is the foundation upon which many later works built. Though it is worth noting that the metrology aspect has been substantially updated by Tye in his recent work Early World Coins and Early Weight Standards. Hoover, Oliver. Klawans, Zander H. New York: Whitman Coin Products, A useful guide to identifying a wide variety of ancient coins.

Mitchiner, Michael. Ancient Trade and Early Coinage. London: Hawkins Publications, The Early Coinage of Central Asia. Plant, Richard. London: Rotographic, Sayles, Wayne G. Ancient Coin Collecting, Vol I. An excellent introduction to the art and history of ancient coins and the particulars of collecting them. Highly recommended. The subsequent volumes are all excellent starter guides to their respective subjects as well.

These books provide a good foundation of understanding necessary to better appreciate, study, and collect ancient coins. An insightful guide to known forgers and their works. Sear, David. This is the standard reference for detailed identification, relative rarity, and valuation of ancient Greek coins. Roman Coins and their Values. This is the standard reference for detailed identification, relative rarity, and valuation of ancient Roman coins.

The corresponding books on Greek and. Byzantine coins are equally well regarded. Suarez, Rasiel. This eight volume opus covers a massive number of Roman coinage issues and, along with Sear is the standard reference for collectors of Roman coins. The latest version is available for sale, while older versions such as this one are available as a free download. Thompson, Margaret E. New Style Silver Coinage of Athens. New York: American Numismatic Society, Wildwinds is an ancient coin reference resource online at www.

Ancient : Auction Catalogs. Roma Aeterna. Auction Byzantine Coinag e. Washington, D. A brief, but thorough overview of the nature and development of Byzantine coinage. Byzantine Coins and their Values. Album, Stephen. Checklist of Islamic Coins. Soft spiral-bound. Wilkes, Tim. Medieval circa CE to Coins of Medieval Europe.

An thorough overview of the coinage of medieval Europe. Hazlitt, W. London: Swan Sonnenschein and Co. Despite its age, this remains a valuable resource for collectors of medieval coinage and the foundation upon which many later works are based. Cappelli, Adriano. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas Libraries, Robert A.

The Early Dated Coins of Europe. Lhotka, John F. Chicago Coin Club. Survey of Medieval Iberian Coinages. The Medieval Period and Nuremberg. Walker, Ralph S. Reading Medieval European Coins. New York: Attic Books, General: Medals, Jetons, and Tokens. Barnard, Francis Pierrepont. The Casting-Counter and the Counting Board. Castle Cary: Fox, Reprint of edition. Van Beek, Bert. Modern circa to present. Krause, Chester L. Standard Catalog of World Coins: Edition. Iola, Wisconsin: Krause Publications, Cuhaj, George S. Standard Catalog of World Coins: Hardbound and Electronic.

Michael, Thomas ed. Judkins, Maggie ed. Standard Catalog of World Coins: Date. The Krause Standard Catalogs capture virtually every coin issued from to present day. Each century is covered by a phone book sized volume containing black and white images of most coin series with brief summaries of each country, mints, and limited variety information.

These are a must have for any collector of world coins. Unusual World Coins. This book attempts to capture many items that do not appear in the other Krause catalogs, specifically modern non-official and private issue commemoratives, medals, and fantasy issues associated with countries of the world. Davenport, John S. Davenport's catalogue of talers was originally issued in multiple volumes.

This single volume combines the catalog and pricing of all those books into one, but may not contain all of the detailed information of the individual volumes. The Dollars of Africa, Asia and Oceania. Galesburg: Large Size Silver Coins of the World. Deutsche Bundesbank - Frankfurt am Main. Early Modern Gold Coins.

Friedberg, Robert. Gold Coins of the World. Galloway, Albert. Lane, Roger deWardt. Yeoman, R. Modern World Coins A very portable world coin book that provides pricing for coins typical of each series rather than each individual coin. Ziebarth, Tim. Forrer, Leonard. For those researching medals and engravers this is always the first resource to consult. Details about many medallists and engravers in history are scarce, but the tidbits found here can be enlightening.

There are a number of more modern or country specific resources, but few are as comprehensive. Finding a link between an engraver and medal or other details listed in this work can unlock a number of other search paths that you may use to find even more information from other sources. General: Paper Money circa CE to present. Beresiner, Yasha. Softbound and Electronic. The standard reference on paper money up to The combination of the volumes for , Present, and Specialized Issues provides a comprehensive overview of paper currency.

Newer editions may be available. The standard reference on paper money since Pick, Albert. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. This work was the first comprehensive guidebook to world paper money and quickly became the standard book by which all paper money collectors organized their collections and made purchases.

It has since been rendered obsolete by the Krause catalogs which use the same format and carried over the information and numbering system. Region - By Country. The Multiple Dirhems of Medieval Afghanistan. London: Hawkins Publications, Austria formerly Holy Roman Empire. M ort, S. Coins of the Hapsburg Emperors and Related Issues to Melbourne: The Hawthorn Press, Semple, Clara. Manchester: Barzan Publishing Company, Cross, W. Without question, the standard upon which any collector of Canadian coins builds their knowledge and collection is the Charlton Standard Catalog.

Volume 1 covers numismatic issues to present. A newer edition may be available. Toronto: The Charlton Press, Charlton, J. Haxby, J. Coins of Canada. Toronto: Unitrade Press, Hartill, David. Cast Chinese Coins. The definitive in-depth guide to spade and knife money as well as round cast coins of China. Kann, E. Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins Vol 1 of 3 up to Kann diligtently catalogued the coins of China. His three volumes provide useful commentary on historical aspects of the coins and monetary systems along with greyscale images to aid identification.

Oka, M. Silver Crowns of the Far East. Japanese with some English. Focusing on the large size "crown" coins of various nations is a popular method of collecting throughout the world. Coins from asia are generally more difficult for English speaking collectors to study as most books on the subject are in another language. For those seeking additional photos to aid in identification and study of crowns from China, Japan, Russia, Cambodia, and other far eastern nations, as well as British colonial and trade dollars this book, though largely obsoleted by Krause, may provide some useful insights.

Schjoth, Fredrik; Hancock, Virgil. Iola, Wisconsin: Krause Publications, Inc. English and Chinese. This, in combination with the books by Hartill and Kann, is considered by many to be the authoritative work on coins of China. Schjoth was Norway's Consul-General to China. The first edition in was based upon Schjoth's collection and contains narrative and line drawings of the coins. Another reprinting of the original work in was produced by Andrew Publishing Company of London with a high quality binding, but without the enhancements found in the reprint.

Zhao Li Cheng. The color photographs of every coin make this catalog very useful for identifying modern Chinese commemorative coins. Mejia, Jose A. The Numismatic History of El Salvador. Jose Mejia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia. Gill, Dennis. Garden City: Dennis Gill, LeCompte, Jean. Monnaies et Jetons des Colonies Francaises. Monaco: Editions Victor Gadoury, This recent edition of the catalog of coins and jetons of French colonies contains black and white photos of each series.

Mazard, Jean. Written in French. A general work on coins of France during the period. However, the two volumes also identify the essai coins of France and serve the numismatic community as a primary reference for these.

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Pastrone, Francesco. Monnaies Royales Francaises - This recent edition of the definitive catalog of coins of France contains color photos of each series. Monnaies Francaises - Roberts, James N. New York: Attic Books Ltd. Sydney, Martin F. French Coinage Specifically for Colonial America. France: Medals, Jetons, and Tokens. DeHay, Pierre. Paris: Paris Mint, In the late s Pierre DeHay, then Director of the Paris mint, organized this multi-volume catalog of all dies currently in inventory.

These catalogs could be used to place orders for restrikes of the medals contained therein. As the Paris mint held dies and restruck medals for much of the 19th and 20th century, these catalogs provide insight into which medals likely were or were not restruck if the dies are not listed herein, they were either removed after the original striking, rusted or destroyed, or struck elsewhere and thus Paris restrikes of that medal are unlikely.

Gadoury, Victor. Maier, Nicolas. French Medallic Art Munchen, Germany: Nicolas Maier, English, French, German. This is the definitive work on Art Nouveau medals produced in France. While no work contains images of every medal produced, the detailed history of medallic art in the late s and development of Art Nouveau and medallic art as a collectible artform is excellent. This work provide extensive biographies of the artists and images of many of their most famous works. A must have for collectors of French and Art Nouveau medals. The Low Countries and France.

Rouhette, Thierry; Tuzio, Francesco. Schein, Allan. Salt Lake City: Allan Schein, This book is focused on the Caballito Pesos of Mexico, but also contains useful information about the French medallic artist Charles Pillet and the coins and medals he engraved. Germany: Medals, Jetons, and Tokens. Fauver, L. Nuremberg and Nuremberg Style Jetons. Great Britain, England, United Kingdom. London: Standard Catalogue Publishers Ltd, Mitchell, Stephen; Reeds, Brian - Editors. Seaby, H.

The English Silver Coinage from London: Robert Stockwell Ltd. Coins of England. Malta: Gutenberg Press Ltd, It contains a brief primer for new collectors, a fair amount of history about each era or ruler, date and variety information for each series, and a respected price guide. A Catalogue of British Historical Medals, Eimer, Christopher. British Commemorative Medals and Their Values. English 2nd Edition. British Isles British Isles from circa Pinches, John Harvey. London: Heraldry Today, Withers, Paul and Bente R. The Token Book : British Tokens of the 17th 18th and 18th centuries and their values.

Great Britain: Auction Catalogs. London: St. Auction 32 The Park House Collection. British, Australian, and Canadian. Auction 36 The Hong Kong Auction. The Coins of Guatemala - Charles M. Robinson, Guatemala: Auction Catalogs. Due to the vast number of different regions, rulers, and coins from India, the number of books and other resources that examine the coins of India is truly immense. No one book captures the coins of all or even most eras.

As such, the Krause catalogs as mentioned under World Modern section of this listing are a good place to begin. Clain-Stefanelli, Elvira Eliza.

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  3. Medicine and the saints : science, Islam, and the colonial encounter in Morocco, 1877-1956.

Italian Coin Engravers Since Emanuele III, Vittorio. Corpus Nummorum Italicorum. Rome: Tipografia della R. Hardbound or Electronic. King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy was a passionate collector of Italian coins and set out to catalog all coins of Italy's long history through research of his own immense collection.

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With the aid of several numismatists this monumental twenty volume work, covering coins of Italy from ancient times to circa , was written over a period of 33 years. The twenthieth volume reached the proofing stage, but was never officially published. As a result many original sets include only 19 volumes. Early Japanese Coins. Japanese Coinage.

New York: Numismatic Review, Japanese Numismatic Dealers Association. The Catalogue of Japanese Coins and Banknotes. Tokyo: Japanese Numismatic Dealers Association, Some English. Bailey, Don and Lois. Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money Volume 1. Atlanta: Whitman Publishing Company, Guthrie, Hugh. Utberg, Neil S. The coins of colonial Mexico, And the Empire of Iturbide, Mexico: Medals, Jetons, and Tokens. Grove, Frank W. Medals of Mexico Volume II - DelMonte, A. Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman, Mevius, Johan.

Special Catalog van de Nederlandse Munten van tot heden: met ned. Scholten, C. The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories Amsterdam: J. Schulmann, Schulman, Jacques. Handboek van de Nederlandse Munten tot Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman N. Netherlands: Medals, Jetons, and Tokens. D ugniolle, Dr. Le jeton historique des 17 provinces des Pays-Bas. Bruxelles: Fr.

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Gobbaerts, Feuardent, F. Loon, Gerard van. Volume 1. First edition. Volume 2.

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Volume 3. Volume 4. The four volume set of books by Gerard van Loon listed above comprise the standard reference on medals of the Netherlands for the period - About a century later students and faculty at the Royal Academy of Science in the Department of Literature and Fine Arts picked up where van Loon left off. Over several decades they produced ten volumes listed below cataloguing medals of the Netherlands circa - These volumes likewise continue to be the standard reference for the period of time they cover.

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Gerard van Loon - Eerste Stuk. Amsterdam: Pieper and Ipenduur, They are available in electronic form for free online. Gerard van Loon - Tweede Stuk. Gerard van Loon - Derde Stuk. Gerard van Loon - Vierde Stuk. Gerard van Loon - Vijfde Stuk. Gerard van Loon - Zesde Stuk. Amsterdam: De Koninklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen, Gerard van Loon - Zevende Stuk. Amsterdam: Frederick Muller, Gerard van Loon - Achtste Stuk. Gerard van Loon - Negende Stuk. Gerard van Loon - Tiende Stuk. Netherlands: Auction Catalogs.

Schulman b. Veiling Auction 3 Juli Amsterdam: Schulman b. Veiling Auction April Veiling Auction November Veiling Auction 16 September Veiling Auction 28 January Veiling Auction 25 June Veiling Auction 4 November Veiling Auction 1 March Exceptional Wilhelmina Collection. Grunthal, Henry; Sellschopp, Ernesto A. The Coinage of Peru. Schulten, English and German.

Peru: Auction Catalogs. Swiss Bank Corporation. Coins of Peru: Auction Zurich: Swiss Bank Corporation, September , Although not explicitly stated in this catalog, this extensive collection of Peruvian coinage is purportedly the collection of Ernesto Sellschopp. Basso, Aldo P. Coins, Medals, and Tokens of the Philippines. Menlo Park, California: Chenby Publishers, Coins, Medals, and Tokens of the Philippines Quezon City: Bookman Printing House, The Basso book is considered the definitive reference for coins of the Philippines. The second edition has additional pieces not in the first edition and is therefore the book most often referenced.

Limited Printing of The definitive work on coinage, patterns, fantasies, and medals of Queen Isabel II of Spain and the Philippines from Oropilla y Fortich, Quintin. Philippine Counterstamped Coins Philippines: Medals, Jetons, and Tokens. The Basso books are considered the definitive reference for coins of the Philippines. The second edition is the book most often referenced. Honeycutt, Earl. Philippine Medals and Tokens Philippines: Auction Catalogs. Gomes, Alberto. Lisbon: Alberto Gomes, Silva, Reinaldo. Choose a date and see what the world looked like.

It focuses on the Mediterranean, but also covers other parts of the world. It covers the entire Mediterranean, Britain, Mesopotamia, and parts of Persia. Register and access content for free. Principally from the collection in the British Museum, and also from coins and information communicated by J. Evans, Esq. Watch conservators use a range of approaches to study and clean the lamp in this short film from the Getty Museum. Agora Auctions offers full legends in coin descriptions, and history of sold lots for researchers.

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