Journey to Self-Realization - Collected Talks and Essays on Realizing God in daily life - Vol3

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Now, my critical self is quieter these days as I spend by being in Zen by conscious living and living in the moments. It comes on and off making me think negatively over something or someone. I suppress the negative self-talk by focusing on my breath, nature if I am outside , mantra, meditation, prayer, writing, coloring, drawing and more. Often, it is very easy to fall into the trap of making ourselves look vulnerable and self-pitiable for so many negative and unhappy happenings in our life. The first step of remedy is to realise that we brought upon ourselves these negativity.

In addition, we also need to realise that we are the Masters of our own life. Therefore, it is right that we erase it and replace it with positivity by our own efforts. It is not the responsibility of the world, society and family to get it done for us. We need to act like a Master and correct it.

These days there are many options out there to get it right. Books and music are easily available in electronic versions. Music is one way to find peace and unity with your own self. The only thing is that you just need to search for the right one to lift your spirits. Written works or books allow us to get in touch or connected with Ancient Masters. If you rather have people comfort, there are many support groups out there. To counter that, one need to love himself and be gentle at the same time. In fact it is so very easy to start loving our own self.

We can start immediately without having to getting any clearance, approval or not doing much. After all, it is about us and life. My friends, the year is ending soon. It is now or never. You might not make great progress at a start. A small step is what one needs. Indeed, it is a big favor one will be doing for himself.

Journey to Self-Realization (Collected Talks and Essays, Vol 3)

Imagine yourself as a positive bubble. There will be no one out there who will be able burst that bubble if you do not let them do it. If they try to burst your bubble, you can always tape it up with self-worth and self-love. I have done it and I am still doing it. Many others, who have experienced similar or different ways of negativity, have overcome it. You need to accept yourself. The links to the books that has made a difference to me and is continuing to make a difference to many others in the world…. Alternatively, if you have had Indian traditional upbringing, you will also be aware that drinking water from copper vessels is important.

I spent my younger days with my great grandmother, grandmother and all the elders. In those days that is in late s , silver ware and copper ware were the most used by Indian families. The elders in my family taught me the benefits of drinking water from copper vessels and eating from either copper or silver wares. Come to think about it right now, those days glass wares were not common and so was plastic wares too.

The most common types of plates and utensils were usually made of copper, silver or wood. As days passed and modernization took place, Pyrex glassware were the trend and so was forgotten the copper and silver wares. Nowadays, I try to make changes to my daily life based on what I learnt in my younger days. I re-started with that practice and I should say it rather makes a slight difference to my body systems. Benefits are not major and visible immediately. As with any healthy changes to food and lifestyle, the results will be visible or experienced slowly.

Other results are not visible to me, but I do believe it does well for my body systems one way or another.

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While Indian elders and traditions tells of benefits of drinking water from copper, there are always reports contradicting that. I am not here to debate which theory is correct. I am sharing what I have learnt in my younger days and a practice I am putting back into my life and influencing my family members at the same time too. Moreover, drinking water once in the morning from a copper cup is not much work or something to debate about. It all comes down to how much you believe and trust what has been said or learnt or passed down from generations.

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From DrCopper. While some Dim Sum items tends to be steamed, some will be deep fried. As with any food, over indulgence is not advisable. Always eat light…not eat till you are full! Skip to content My workplace is located at a University Campus.

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On and off we need to reflect upon our past self and congratulate our new self… If we do this regularly, we would have plenty of reasons to love our new self and embrace new beginnings or openings in our life… Happy daily graduation everyone! Photo by Emily Ranquist on Pexels. Look and see whether it can benefit you too…Have an inspiring day! Blessings, Esther Photo by Deena on Pexels. An Ayurvedic Guide to Stress Management by Banyan Botanicals Click here to go the article In addition, Banyan Botanicals also has a page where you can take quiz to know your Ayurvedic compositions, etc.

And let us begin with ourselves… Peace and Blessings.

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