NOAAs Education Program: Review and Critique

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Interested in Donald Trump? Donald Trump. Add Interest. NOAA inspector general opens probe into statement backing Trump, firing threats.

Greek authorities arrest suspect in connection to hijacking of TWA flight. North Korean mother and son defectors die of suspected starvation in Seoul.

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Travel firm Thomas Cook holds talks to avoid a collapse. Florida woman jailed after video of her kicking and choking dog goes viral. Israeli president begins talks to form new government.

Bus crash kills 22 in northwest Pakistan, after brakes fail. Warren highlights violence against transgender women of color. Steak, beer and politics: Democrats descend on Iowa. Trump orders additional air defense troops to Saudi Arabia.

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Teaching Tips Teaching Tips Much of the lesson can be done on the computer, but some can be printed out for reading offline. Students may need help in plotting graphical information in Excel. There are two more Arctic Climate Activities that can be used in combination with this resource.

Instructions for using Google Earth are included. Complete answer key is available to teachers per email request. Literacy and Resources Relation Link:.

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Climate Literacy:. Measurements and Observations.

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Jacobs was also asked about the dire conclusions of the most recent National Climate Assessment , a behemoth report released by the federal government in November and signed off on by 10 agencies. That echoed previous comments he made to Surfline that climate change is indisputably real but the science is not settled on "how much influence are humans having on it versus how much is from natural variability and natural signals.

The bulk of those cuts would come from the Climate Program Office, slashing climate research programs and funding for competitive climate research grants. At the hearing, Jacobs also said that it wouldn't make a difference if a proposed National Security Council panel to reassess climate science was led by a climate skeptic. Last summer under then-acting administrator Tim Gallaudet, the agency considered reorienting its mission away from understanding and predicting changes in the climate to observing, understanding, and predicting atmospheric and ocean conditions. After criticism from scientists around the country, including a former NOAA head, Gallaudet quickly walked back the proposed changes.

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But they fit with a broader shift under the Trump administration to downplay climate science and the effects of global warming. In the Surfline interview , Jacobs said everything is political in Washington. We have to make sure that everything is objective and transparent and try to keep politics out of that, which is fine by me. Roberts served as the deputy director of internal and diplomatic affairs on Trump's inaugural committee and before that worked for the Trump campaign doing advance work for Mike Pence.

She previously served in several federal agencies during the George W. Bush administration and worked in emergency management in Florida during Obama's second term. Her Facebook profile includes two photos of her with Vice President Pence.

NOAA's Education Program: Review and Critique.

In late August, as Hurricane Dorian headed toward the U. Southeast, Roberts changed her Facebook cover photo to an Aug. On Sept.