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Piano Quintet in c minor, Op. A fine work, like his others which falls between late classicism and early romanticism. Piano Quartet in f minor, Op. Sergei Lyapunov Walter Macfarren An unjustly neglected mid-romantic era masterwork. Alexander MacKenzie Piano Quartet in E flat Major, Op. Belongs on the concert stage but also suitable for amateurs. Adela Maddison Piano Quintet An interesting blend of French impressionism and English country melody. Cello Sonata in A Major, Op. Should be in repertoire. Quite attractive. Violin Sonata in g minor, Op.

A winner in recital. String Quartet in e minor, Op. Powerful and highly original. Gustav Mahler Piano Quartet in a minor An interesting work as it provides insight into Mahler's original compositional technique. Amanda Maier Prize winning sonata from the Leipzig Conservatory. Witold Maliszewski Violin Sonata in G Major, Op. A great sonata. Appealing melodies, good to hear and play Witold Maliszewski Otto Malling Piano Trio in a minor, Op.

Piano Quintet in G Major, Op. First rate all the way. String Octet in d minor, Op. Good for concert and home. Benedetto Marcello Six Sonatas for Cello and Piano, Op.

Variations concertantes in D Major, Op. 17, MWV Q 19

Very effective in recital. Heinrich Marschner Romanza for Piano Trio A highly romantic, lovely encore piece by an unjustly forgotten mid 19th century master. Finely crafted with captivating melodies. Henri Marteau String Trio in f minor, Op. A repertoire must for pros. String Quartet in C Major, Op. Original, superb writing for all voices, highly dramatic and very powerful. Clarinet Quintet, Op.

One of the very best of its type. Serenade nonet for Winds, Op. Excellent program choice. Giuseppe Martucci A good choice where a short program piece is need or for an encore. Cello Sonata in f sharp minor, Op. As fine as any cello sonata from the late Romantic era. Without doubt belongs in the repertoire. Captivating and exciting melodies. This work will triumph in the recital hall. A first rate early modern Italian work.

Belongs in the repertoire. One of the finest 19th century Italian romantic piano trios. Piano Quintet in C Major, Op. By turns poetic and thrilling, with brilliant part writing for all. Joseph Marx Trio Phantasie for Piano Trio A big, late romatic first class work. Highly original, appealing melodies, would do well in concert. Rhapsodie for Piano Quartet in A Major A powerful, dramatic and highly lyrical work that is an amalgam of late romanticism and early impressionism.

Scherzo for Piano Quartet in d minor As long as a full length piano quartet. Very original, atmospheric, yet full of lyrical emotion and drama. Ballade for Piano Quartet in a minor The third and most intimate of Marx's 3 titanic works for piano qt. Takes Bachian counterpoint as its starting point Emilie Mayer Only the fact that she was a woman at a time when works by women were not respected can explain its disappearance.

Emilie Mayer As good as anything from this period Belongs in the repertoire. A fine recital or encore choice Emilie Mayer A very fine 1st class work Joseph Mayseder Joseph Mayseder String Quintet No. This quintet has everything- drama excitement, compelling melodies, solos for all. An engratiating work with no technical difficulties. John Blackwood McEwen Belongs in the concert hall but also recommended for amaterus John Blackwood McEwen Will triumph in concert but presents no techical problems John Blackwood McEwen Nikolai Medtner Violin Sonata No.

Original with fine melodies. Dramatic, powerful, lyrical, highly original--its all of these. Evocative and haunting. Ludiwig Meinardus Erkki Melartin Henryk Melcer A first class late Romantic work. Arnold Mendelssohn Well written, tuneful, no insuperable technical difficulties. Called a winner by Wilhelm Altmann. Late romantic-neo classical.

Felix Mendelssohn Viola Sonata in c minor An early work which nonetheless, like the others from this period is fully finished.

Lyrical and appealing Felix Mendelssohn String Symphony No. Really only intended for 5 players. A straight forward, effective work. An assignment from his teacher to be played in the Mendelssohn fmaily home. A good work. Played in the Mendelssohn home with only 5 players. Full of youthful energy and elan. Exciting and interesting and quite well written Felix Mendelssohn A lovely work. Fun to play, not difficult either.

Score, solo part

Good to hear, fun to play Giacomo Meyerbeer Written at age 20 it shows the influence of Debussy without copying him. Darius Milhaud Combines polytonality with folk melody. Sonata No. One of the best Romantic era works for bass. Franz Mittler Piano Trio in G Major, Op. You must hear the sound-bites. A superb late romantic gem. Appealing melodies, fine part-writing. First rate from start to finish. Redolent of the perfume of fin d'siecle Vienna. A superb concert work. Modern but still tonal. Cello Sonata in G Major -World Premiere Edition Well written and full of luscious, rich melodies, this is a wonderful addition to the later romantic cello repertoire.

A winner in recital for sure.. Emil Mlynarski Polonaise for Violin and Piano, Op. Makes a goodrecital work or encore Emil Mlynarski Mazurka for Violin and Piano, Op. Lively and full of bounce, it could even be danced to. Excellent shorter recital work or encore Ernest Moeran Ernest Moeran String Trio in G Major Here Moeran uses English folk melody with telling effect combining it with more modern developments.

Leonardo Moja Sonata for String Trio in d minor, Op. Good for concert performance or amateurs Roderich von Mojsisovics Traditionally tonal but seaching to expand these boundaries. A fine work. Heinrich Molbe All three instruments are given innings. Evocative and lovely. Again, lovely melodies, not difficult, a good work. Bernhard Molique It was the favorite of the famous pianist and Liszt acolyte Hans von Bulow. A very good mid-romantic work. Certainly one of the very best flute quintets from the mid Romantic era Stanislav Moniuszko Stanislav Moniuszko No technical difficulties, tuneful and will appeal to amateurs.

Cello Sonata No. Ignaz Moscheles A dazzling work. Alexander Mosolov Moritz Moszkowski A tour de force in the recital hall Moritz Moszkowski Wonderful recital work that really does evoke the guitar. Hear the sound-bites Jules Mouquet A showcase for a first class player. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ours, in our opinion, is the best. Nikolai Myaskovsky Lovely melodies topped off by an exciting moto perpetuo finale. Tonally, along with No. A compelling work. A good choice for concert or home. Hear the soundbites. An extraordinary work.

Very appealing with fetching melodies Nikolai Myaskovsky Genial and folkloric, then mystical and remote. An important work. Franz Lachner String Quartet No. Franz Lachner Piano Quintet No. Ignaz Lachner Piano Trio No. Ignaz Lachner String Quartet No.

Paul Lacombe Piano Trio No. Paul Lacombe Piano Quartet in c minor, Op. Josef Lanner Abendsterne Waltzes, Op. Josef Lanner Cerrito Polka, Op. Josef Lanner Die Mozartisten, Op. Joseph Lauber String Quartet in g minor, Op. Sylvio Lazzari Piano Trio in g minor, Op. Sylvio Lazzari String Quartet in a minor, Op. Charles Lefebvre String Quartet No. Paul Le Flem Violin Sonata in g minor Rooted in the Celtic folkloric music of his native Brittany in the style of the French impressionists. Guillaume Lekeu Piano Quartet A superb work which truly belongs in the concert hall.

Max Lewandowsky String Sextet in c minor, Op. Frank Limbert Viola Sonata in c minor, Op. Adolf Lindblad String Quartet No. Johan Lindegren String Quintet 2 Violas in F Major A big, well-written, first rate work from the mid-romantic period which ranks among the best from Scandinavia. A turbulent, exciting work with good part-writing for all three voices Karol Lipinski String Trio No.

Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. Franz Liszt Mephisto Waltz No. Matthew Locke Suite No. Carl Loewe String Quartet No. Gustav Mahler Piano Quartet in a minor An interesting work as it provides insight into Mahler's original compositional technique. Witold Maliszewski String Quartet No. Otto Malling Piano Trio in a minor, Op. Otto Malling String Octet in d minor, Op. Heinrich Marschner Romanza for Piano Trio A highly romantic, lovely encore piece by an unjustly forgotten mid 19th century master. Heinrich Marschner Piano Trio No.

Henri Marteau String Trio in f minor, Op. Henri Marteau Clarinet Quintet, Op. Henri Marteau Serenade nonet for Winds, Op. Giuseppe Martucci Cello Sonata in f sharp minor, Op. Noter - Media - Gaver. Cello Noter. Gitarer - Strenge-instrumenter. Andre Instrumenter. Piano - Vokal - Gitar. Tangent - Piano, Orgel, Trekkspill.

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Paperbound Bach 1. Bach, Johan Sebastian 2. Bach, Johann Sebastian 5. Baratt, Carol 1. Bartholdy, Felix Mendelssohn 1. Beethoven, Ludwig can 2. Beethoven, Ludwig van 1. Bjarne Volle 1. Blackwell, Kathy and David 2. Bloch, Ernest 4. Boccherini, Luigi 3. Bogren, Eva 1. Bourgeois 1. Brahms 1. Brahms, Johannes 6. Bruch, Max 2. Debussy 1. Chopin, Frederic 3. Cirri, Giambattista 1. Colledge 2. Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. The site is also available in several languages.

Please use the dropdown buttons to set your preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults. These distorted the true character of his music and made it sound pompous and sentimental. His formative influences were Bach and Mozart and his allegiance was to the Classical era; he himself often noted how different he felt to his famous Romantic contemporaries Berlioz, Chopin and Wagner. The Sonata in B flat major, Opus 45, was written around the beginning of In a letter of January 20th he mentions that it is finished, and also that he had been suffering from an ear infection which had left him temporarily deaf in one ear and fearful of the consequences.

It was, nevertheless, a happy time: his wife Cecile was about to give birth to their first child, Karl Wolfgang Paul, who was born on February 7th. The Mendelssohns were at this time living in Leipzig, where Felix was the conductor of the orchestral concerts in the Gewandhaus. His innovations in this series had a far-reaching effect on German musical life in general. He hired better players, and fought successfully to get their salaries raised. Equally important were his imaginative programmes.