Young Bond: Silverfin - Book #1: A James Bond Adventure

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SilverFin: Young Bond Book #1 by Charlie Higson | Penguin Random House Canada

Yes it was ok, I liked it but overall disappointed in the actual story. However, I was not sure what to think, as much of my love of the Bond character is around his cold, cool demeanor and his dispassionate dispatching of baddies with his licence to kill. That said, this novel was incredible. It far surpassed my expectations as it set the stage for so much of what was to come; so many references were made to the future James Bond and the people in his life, the backstory we knew existed but never saw in detail, and the many likes and dislikes he will have in later years.

Furthermore, the adventure was believable and fitting, considering this is the year old James; it explores the death of his parents, his time at Eton and early experiences that will forever shape him.

ISBN 13: 9780141318592

Well about half the world has. This book is about James Bond but when he was younger. It's called Silverfin and is by Charlie Higson. It is the first book in the Young Bond series and I really liked it. It starts out with James at this new school in England because he is an orphan. He meets lots of people including this boy and his dad, the Hellbores.

Hellbore used to work with his dad and they were rivals. During break James went to Scotland and lived with his aunt and uncle. Turns out Mr.

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Hellbore is like the leader of the town he lives in. He has to solve a mystery about a murder. On the way he meets many people, many obstacles, and has to solve this quite old mystery. I think that if you like mystery and sci-fi as well and action packed books, then this book is definitely for you. Also if you enjoyed the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, you will like this. I would definitely rate this book 5 stars and I hope you read and enjoy this book.

Publisher Description

Ever wonder how James Bond became James Bond? But if you want real insanity, you have to reach beyond the movies and books.

See a Problem?

In that case, you are implored to explore to the thrilling world of media tie-in novels and related works, which are full of strange and unfilmable tales featuring your favorite characters. Essentially a reboot of James Bond, Jr. Of course, the two ultimately form an unlikely alliance, once Bond gets to the bottom of things: it turns out George is only lashing out because his dad breeds murderous eel-men in his castle basement. Perfectly understandable under the circumstances, really.

Dragonpol, born deaf and mute, was kept hidden in the attic of his childhood home, until the day he took an eight-foot drop falling through the entry hatch—the impact of which somehow restored his ability to both speak and hear. He then hired children and teenagers to leave white roses at the graves of his victims.

By the end, Bond and his newly-met girlfriend, Flicka yes, like the horse deduce his murder plot, and a fight ensues on the Mark Twain Riverboat ride. Bond shoots an explosive barrel bobbing in the water and Dragonpol is killed in the blast. When M16 receives a reel of film of a giant gorilla attacking an Egyptian news reporter, Bond is sent to Cairo to investigate further. The two team-up, until Marcus is killed and Nena gets crushed to death by her pet pythons. In this limited comic book series from Dark Horse, Bond teams up with a Jamaican secret service agent named Nebula to investigate arms dealers, marijuana farmers and mercenaries under the employ of an insane reverend.

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